We believe in being up front and fully disclosing the facts about what it takes to grow with us.  Take the First Steps Toward Joining the Chesapeake Brewing Franchise Group

1. Submit an Application and Financial Statement

Applicants must  submit a confidential Business Application. Applicants must have a minimum net worth of $750,000 per store, of which $150,000 must be in liquid assets.  To open 1 location will cost 2 payments of $200,000.00 and you will own a turn key, ready to operate business.  Territories have been developed with high growth in mind over first 4 years.  Once first 5 years are completed, owners are permitted to sell their business however, buyer must meet same franchise owner requirements and attend corporate training program at their expense.

2. Application Review

The Chesapeake Brewing Franchise Group will conduct an initial review of your application. If this review is favorable, we will schedule a preliminary face-to-face meeting.

3. Face-to-Face Meeting

A representative of The  Chesapeake Brewing Franchise Group will make a preliminary visit to your local marketplace to meet with you in person. At this meeting, you will learn about our franchise program and the support services we offer.  We will discuss your responsibilities to the franchise group and your business objectives. During this meeting we will also provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and a project plan with timelines.

4. Discovery Day/Interview & Pitch

If the preliminary face-to-face meeting is favorable, we will schedule a meeting at our corporate offices in Annapolis, MD. You will meet with the President/CEO, as well as other members of our Executive Team that will be welcoming you and going over different aspects of the business.  This time will be used to thoroughly review Chesapeake Brewing's tried and true business model, area development and franchise agreement. Other discussion topics center around your plans for how you will approach the development of your business.

5. Formalize Agreement

If mutual interest is established, we will plan to go forward on a Development Agreement discussion, which includes:

a.    Defining the development territory.
b.    Establishing financial terms.
c.    Setting a timeline for the opening of the first restaurant /or future restaurants in the Development Agreement.
d.    Finalizing legal documents.
e.    Executing an initial Franchise Agreement ($55,000 franchise fee).
f.     Executing an Area Development Agreement ($10,000 fee per unit).

6. Site Selection

As an official Chesapeake Brewing franchisee, you now have to find a viable location to open your first restaurant. The Chesapeake Brewing  Franchise Group will assist you in your efforts to find and develop an appropriate location within your exclusive Development Territory.

7. Approval of Plans and Construction

Once capitalization of the restaurant is formalized,  Chesapeake Brewing will assist you in developing construction plans which adhere to our unique brand identity.

8. Strategic Planning

Prior to opening your first Chesapeake Brewing Brew Pub, a strategic planning session will take place, covering the following topics:

a.    Creating a milestone development schedule.
b.    Training and opening activities including marketing campaign, hiring and training, Point of Sale installation, training,  Security and applicable laws
c.     Review of Operations Manual.
d.    Review of first six months operating plan.

9. Complete Construction & Open for Business

After successfully completing The Chesapeake Brewing Franchise Training Program, you are now ready to open and operate your own Chesapeake Brewing Brew Pub. Our Training Team will

offer onsite support for a minimum of 14 days during the opening period, and then our franchise support team will visit you regularly to support your business.

10.   Ongoing development and support through corporate resources that will help to maximize growth, help with financial analysis, and the utilization of new market strategies to continually grow your business with us.  As part of the Chesapeake Brewing Franchise family, your success is our success.  We look forward to a long term relationship with our franchisees, and hope you do to.  We will provide ongoing support and resources as part of our agreement to ensure your success and growth.